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LULALY Luxury Moments is a brand of luxurious, hand-made, natural soy candles.

These are premium products in which we put all our heart, the vast amount of knowledge and infinite amount of experience to create products that we are proud of.

All our massage candles are microbiologically and dermatologically tested. They have all the necessary certificates, and they obtained the status of cosmetics.


Our cosmetics are full of natural ingredients:



Natural 100% vegetable wax produced in the USA  is ecological and biodegradable.



Natural extract from shea nuts, commonly referred to as shea butter or karite butter. One of the most popular and universal cosmetic ingredients. Refined, 100% clean, no additives, no fragrance. Strongly moisturizing and softening the skin providing effective protection against environmental stress factors. It has soothing properties against irritations, improves the appearance of the skin and slows its aging.

Traditional shea butter is used to reduce wrinkles, scars, and stretches. For the treatment of various skin irritations, such as psoriasis, eczema and burns. Ideally suited for combining with other cosmetic and medicinal ingredients, melts in contact with the skin, is easily absorbed without leaving greasy stains.

Butter contains phytosterols, vitamin A, catechins and cinnamic acid derivatives. These compounds have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect and even prevent the development of tumors. Thanks to them, shea butter is not rancid although it does not contain vitamin E.

Shea butter is considered a natural moisturizing factor because it resembles the lipid content of the skin in its structure and function. Supports the protective barrier of the epidermis, facilitates the healing process, prevents irritation and regenerates. It helps to keep moisture and reduce water loss by creating a protective barrier on the skin's surface, prevents drying and peeling of the skin, reduces spots on the skin.

Thanks to its advantages, the popularity of shea butter in body care is constantly growing. It is used in the most various products, for massage, body lotions, lips and hair, creams, soaps, lipsticks, eye creams, sun creams, hand creams, soaps and many more.


Coconut oil is practically non-rancid and therefore it is an oil with very high durability and will not expire. A characteristic feature of coconut oil is the high content of saturated fatty acids with short and medium chains, mainly lauric acid (approx. 50%). Laurel also destroys many types of viruses (HIV, herpes, measles and others) as well as parasitic protozoa and fungi.

On the basis of coconut oil, cosmetics with antibacterial and antifungal properties are created. Other reasons for the frequent use of coconut oil for skin care are its moisturizing, protective and healing properties. Coconut oil absorbs well, unclogs pores, helps reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, strengthens, smoothes and improves skin elasticity. It is used prophylactically in cellulite and stretch marks. It is also used for bust care, especially during breastfeeding. Coconut oil is especially recommended for dry, rough and itchy skin. According to comparative research, coconut oil in dry skin therapy is a better and safer means than mineral oil commonly used in cosmetics.


Light oil, very gentle to the skin, does not cause irritation. That is why it can be used even for sensitive skin and young children's skin. One of the most popular  oils, universal and eagerly used in cosmetics.

Almond oil is very well tolerated by skin and does not cause irritation. For this reason, it is a desirable ingredient of products for care and hygiene for children and people with sensitive skin. Is a very good emollient, acts as a smoothing agent. Used regularly, it has a very high ability to hydrate the skin and effectively rebuilds the protective barrier function of the skin.

It is used as a moisturizer, coating and soothing agent in the case of dry, itching, irritated skin, burnt by the sun, in the treatment of inflammation, dermatitis, etc. It is used as the base oil in the best natural creams, lotions, milks. It is light, non-greasy, easily penetrates the skin, is perfectly suitable for nourishing the skin, transferring essential oils and other active substances that are to be delivered to the skin.


Extract oil from apricot kernels is very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and nutrients, contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 and E. Ideal as a base oil, it has good durability, better than almond oil. It can be used clean or in combination with other oils.

Apricot oil is characterized by light texture, it absorbs quickly, has anti-wrinkle, regenerative, nutritious, protective properties, soothes irritations. Suitable for all skin types , but especially helpful for dry and sensitive skin. It is also an ideal massage oil and as a base oil for essential oils in aromatherapy. It is also used for strengthening the hair.

LULALY Soy Candles are also a  great idea for an original, sophisticated gift ...

We often struggle when we want to give a present to someone who seems to have everything. Well, luxurious, fragrant candle for massage and care they rather do not have yet...

You can buy one of our candles beautifully packed into gifting boxes and personally write your wishes on the attached wish card. You can also choose a Gift Voucher  in the Promotions section,  and then the recipient will choose the fragrance and candle version: fragranced or for massage ...  


LULALY soy candles have remarkable features and advantages over traditional paraffin candles: 


  • LULALY candles are made from natural, biodegradable soy wax, safe ingredients and having all the quality certifications required by European law; 
  • Our massage candles are registered in CPNP - Cosmetic Products Notification Portal in accordance to the requirements of Regulation No. 1223/2009 of the European Commission;  
  • LULALY Massage candles contain nutrient-rich oils, which cherish and nourish the skin (see details above);  
  • LULALY Candles do not contain any preservatives, or artificial pigments; 
  • LULALY Massage candles are tested microbiologically and dermatologically by certified research laboratories;  
  • Soy waxes are non-toxic, reduce "smoking" (compared to paraffin), so do not accumulate soot on the furniture. During combustion, they produce a small amount of carbon dioxide (about 90% less than paraffin candles); 
  • They do not emit harmful substances, are safe for children and allergics;
  • Soy candle burns up to 50% longer in comparison to classic candles produced from petroleum derivatives (paraffin);
  • LULALY candles  do not contain any ingredients tested on animals ; 
  • Soy wax can be easily removed from any surface using warm water and soap;
  • Candles  LULALY  are packaged in a beautiful containers and handmade gifting boxes, which you can use differently when the candle is used up; 


Welcome to the fragrant world of LULALY!

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