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1. How to burn soy candles properly and safely?

 - First of all, carefully read all safety instructions on the packaging and strictly follow them.

Keep the candle wax clean - remove any dirt as long as the wax is still liquid (pieces of matches, wick and others)

- The wick should always be placed centrally in the candle and each time after setting the candle is cut to a maximum of 5 mm in length . Such a treatment prevents kicking, promotes even burning and prolongs the life of the candle, and at the same time our pleasure of use.

- The candles should be burned for not less than 1-2 hours to let the whole surface of the candle melt. Otherwise, we expose the candle to the so-called tunneling (an ugly hole in the middle and a lot of unused wax at the sides of the candle)

- Burn your candle for up to four hours at a time . Place it on a heat-resistant surface so as not to damage your favorite furniture;)

Stop burning the candle when it is about 8-10mm to the bottom . If you want to use the wax to the end - use it in a wax heater.

- Do not place the candle near curtains and other flammable materials. NEVER leave a candle lit when you leave the house!

- Do not carry a burning candle. Keep it away from small children and animals.


2. Do you use pure soy wax or a mixture with paraffin?

LULALY is proud of the fact that we use only pure soy wax that has been dermatologically tested and comes from proven suppliers.


3. How to store soy candles?

Soy candles feel best in cool, dry rooms, away from sunlight. Candles failures resulting from exposure to the sun are not subject to complaints. The soy wax will start to soften and melt at a temperature of about 45-50 degrees C.

We also suggest you keep the candles in the original packaging to keep the fragrance for longer.


4. Do LULALY candles have an expiry date?

We suggest that after opening / lighting the candle for the first time, use it up in the course of 12 months.


5. Do LULALY candles smell intensely? I tried many, but they did not smell too much?

Yes, LULALY Luxury Moments candles smell really intense. This is because the scented candles contain the maximum amount of fragrance that soy wax can absorb. Candles for massage smell subtly, because too intense fragrance would be simply tiring.

You may notice that some of the fragrances are more intense than others, but this is simply the type of smell. LULALY has made hundreds of fragrance tests to ensure that the ones we offer are the best and will appeal to our customers.


6. I spilled my soy candle - how can I remove the wax from the surface?

First let the wax completely cool down. Then remove the larger pieces by undermining them gently. Wax residue will be removed easily with warm water and a mild detergent. Make sure that the detergent you use will not hurt the surface you clean.


7. What are the oil drops on the surface of my candle?

These drops are colloquially called sweating of the soy candle. It appears most often as a result of significant temperature changes, most often in transport (air conditioning in the car - hot in the room or vice versa). You can leave these droplets as they are (this will not affect the burning quality of the candle and should not appear again after the first burning of the candle) or gently wipe it off with a paper tissue.

The high saturation of candles with perfumes can, unfortunately, also intensify this phenomenon when the temperature changes, so LULALY candles are not resistant to this effect when heated in transport. It's just an excess of fragrance oil that gets out this way.


8. Why does my candle change color?

There are a lot of factors that can change the color of the wax, especially after burning it. The main reason are the fragrance oils contained in the candle, which change color after exposure to high temperature. The oils containing vanilla are particularly sensitive.

You can avoid these discolorations, but it would require the addition of chemical additives stabilizing, which we absolutely do not want at LULALY .

Discoloration of the wax in no way affects the quality of the candle, the strength of the fragrance or cosmetic qualities in the case of candles for massage . There is also no reason to submit a complaint.


9. Candles that I have bought have a slightly different color than in the picture in the store. Is it normal?

Each fragrance oil has a different color that affects the final appearance of the candle. The same fragrance can also have a different color depending on the production lot. This is a completely normal characteristic of natural soy candles. The color has no effect on the quality of the candle and its stability if it will be used according to the rules.

Sometimes the color will also change due to the warming up of the wax when burning. It is also a natural phenomenon. Some fragrance oils change their color a few days after production, while others do not change even for a few months.


10. I am allergic - can I use soy candles?

LULALY uses only natural ingredients in its candles, so the likelihood of allergies is greatly reduced. Our massage candles are also dermatologically tested. 

However, if you know that you are often allergic, or you know that you are allergic to one of our ingredients or to the fragrance, consult using soy candles with your doctor.


11. Flame too small or smell does not spread around the room?

Soy candles have a memory! When you light a candle for the first time , it is extremely important that you let it burn long enough to "remember" the appropriate range of melting. To do this, you should burn the candle for about 1 hour for every 2.5 cm in diameter. This will allow you to create the right "pool" of wax, which will provide the best fragrance in the room, so called "throw". You need to make sure each time you burn a candle you let the wax melt competely, creating full pool in the container.

If the candle will not burn long enough, it will only burn in the middle creating a tunnel. Unfortunately, it also makes the candle will not smell as intense as it could.


12. I would like to offer your products in my store. What should I do to be able to offer them to my customers?

We are very pleased that you appreciate the quality of our products and want to offer them to your customers. If you want to establish cooperation as a Distributor, please contact us in this matter. We will provide detailed conditions for such cooperation.





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