Soy candle? What is this?

For some time, voices have been heard more and more often that for health and ecological reasons, it would be right to stop burning the paraffin candles and replace them with candles of vegetable origin (more about why it is worth to do it, you will find  HERE ). The most popular type of such a candle is a soy candle.

But do you know what a say candle is like?


What is the soybean candle made of?

Soy candle is made primarily of soy wax. Soy wax is nothing other than hardened squeezed soy bean oil. Soya, unlike paraffin, is of course renewable and biodegradable, and the one used in Lulaly's candles comes from organic sources. Manufacturers of soy candles sometimes use pure soy wax for their production (like LULALY), and sometimes use blends with derivatives of paraffin. The treatment of mixing soy wax with paraffin is used so that the manufacturer can declare that the candle is soy, but at the same time he is sure that its surface will be perfectly smooth like in a paraffin candle.

We suggest you avoid candles with paraffin additions. Pay attention to the composition and do not purchase candles, which for example have only "contains soy wax / soy wax, etc." in the description  ;)

Of course, soy candles are often enriched with perfumes or essential oils and other oils of vegetable origin (in LULALY candles, for example, we add coconut oil, apricot, almond oil or shea butter).


10 reasons that make soy candles unique:

  1. Because they are natural (only those without added paraffin), they come from renewable sources, are biodegradable and non-toxic
  2. They can easily be washed off from any surface using warm water and soap
  3. They burn about 50% longer than paraffin candles, and with well-chosen wicks burn out to the end (also from the walls of the vessel)
  4. They burn at a much lower temperature than paraffin, so wax can not burn your skin
  5. When the candle is dermatologically tested (like LULALY massage candles), you can apply a warm, fragrant oil to your skin
  6. They produce 90% less harmful soot than paraffin candles
  7. They do not "smoke", they do not raise the level of CO2 in the atmosphere
  8. LULALY candles have natural wicks that do not contain either zinc or lead, which is very common in paraffin candles and negatively affects our health
  9. Soy candles smell much more intensely and pleasantly than paraffin candles - due to the lower melting temperature, the surface of the melted wax can be much bigger, so the fragrance is released better. The smell of soy candle smells "cleaner", because it is not burdened with the characteristic smell of paraffin
  10. Soy candles do not cause headaches , because the natural ones do not contain chemical additives commonly used in paraffin candles.


We wish you a lot of pleasure when you meet the special soy candles!

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