How to choose the right fragrance online?

Scents that surround us have a big impact on our well-being. Some give us energy to act, while others allow us to calm down and forget about our problems. Unfortunately for many people it is not easy to decide on the right scent by buying it online.

In today's post we will show you how to face this challenge and make purchases of scented candles matching your preference.


Your space

Consider in what room would you like to spread Lulaly's fragrance. Bathrooms are usually small, with potentialy poor ventilation, so you should use there light floral aromas. Guest rooms are places where you invite friends and have a great time there. Fill them with wood fragrances that will help your guests feel more comfortable and cozy.


What do you like?

The scent is an incredibly personal thing. It has the power to evoke memories, calm you down, affects our mood. The first step to understanding what you like is to identify the fragrance that suits you best:

  • Floral: it can be both light and heavy, including the smell of lavender or lily;
  • Wood: the natural notes of the tree often contain the smell of cedar, patchouli or sandalwood;
  • Citrus fruits: light and refreshing fragrances, such as lemon and bergamot;
  • Fresh: fragrance containing a note of plum, figs;
  • Green: natural aromas of tea, grasses;
  • Oriental: scent notes often found in the east part of the World, including musk or bamboo.

If you already know what scent do you great! Now choose whether you prefer a scented candle or maybe a wax for the wax warmer. Both solutions will fill your home with the same power of smell. They difference is only in the light of fire which spreads in the room and the length of burning and aesthetic values. Match the product type to your mood.


1. Experiment with fragrances, remember the fragrance should match the mood :)
2. Read what notes are in a given candle and whether they suit you or not.
3. If you are not sure of the smell, buy a mini wax for the wax warmer. This will allow you to discover more of Lulaly's wonderful fragrances.


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